Discovering Me

#DiscoveringMe is for the courageous ones who are discovering their personal power. Whether others are constantly trying to take or usurp your power, or you often find yourself giving it away, you are now in a place where you are finally discovering the NEW AND EMPOWERED YOU.

McCalla Coulture has created Products for MIE (products for “me”), which we like to call MIE Merch. MIE stands for Motivational, Inspirational, and Empowering. The products were created to help you stay in the present moment during your active journey from captivity to freedom. Our products– totes, t-shirts, keychains, magnets, etc.-  are for your personal use to remind you of the empowering journey you are on. Feel free to give as gifts to invite others to begin their personal journey toward freedom. 

You were exiled from your true self into a world of false identity. Decide that today is the day your life will shift and you begin the journey from captivity. Others do not have the power to define you unless you give it to them. RESIST REDEFINITION- the act of others consistent ploy to wrongfully define who and what you are without your knowledge or permission; brainwashing you into believing their lies and the retelling of your life story  

#discoveringme is when you realize that you have been broken down, are operating from a false sense of self, and have given your personal power away. It is activated the moment you decide to search for your true self.

#iamnotyourvictim is when the anger starts to rise and begins to affirm that you are no longer going to be anyone’s victim. You are so much better than that.

#findyourvoice is when you move from privately affirming to yourself to openly verbalizing this new found power. You being to express yourself differently, vocally and kinesthetically. You walk with your head higher and speak a little bit louder.

#fightback is when you begin to go against the grain. This is never from a violent or disrespectful place but from a place of power and authority. You accept and begin to move within the God given authority you hold as a human being.

#mefree is your new mantra, your new stance. ME FREE! No longer bound by the opinions, berating, verbal beatings, manipulations, sarcasm, deception, and hatred of others. Freedom begins within, and the more you discover your true self, decide you are no longer going to play the victim role in the story of your life, find your voice, and fight back, you are freeing yourself more and more each day.

JOIN THE #DiscoveringMe Movement.

Post your own quotes, poems, videos, etc about how you are moving towards your personal freedom. Each post should include #discoveringme – and you can add any or all of the supporting 4 hashtags: #iamnotyourvictim, #findyourvoice, #fightback, #mefree.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see many posts. You are the forerunner in your own life. Lead yourself out of the darkness and into the light. Don’t be a follower, be an initiator and an active advocate for yourself. 


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